Sunday School

The Dr. A. M. Townsend Class

Teacher: Sister Alberta Crawford

Asst. Teacher: Dr. Lisa James

Secretary: Sister Alice Lee 

Asst. Secretary: Sister Lottie Starks 

The Dr. A. M. Townsend Class

The Dr.  A. M. Townsend class was named after Dr. Arthur Melvin Townsend by the late Pastor Rev O. C. Collins.  Dr.  Townsend ( October 26, 1875 - April 20, 1959) was a physician by profession and an ordained minister who was very instrumental in the growth and development of the Sunday School Publishing Board located in Nashville, TN.  He served as Executive Secretary of the Sunday School Publishing Board in 1920 and soon assumed leadership of the board. He is credited for initiating the construction and design of the Publishing Board’s most modern and best equipped publishing houses of its kind in America. Prior to serving the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., Dr. Townsend served as pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church in Memphis, TN from 1918-1920.

The Mother Ida Harris Class

The late Mother Ida Harris served as Chairman of the Mother Board in the late 1940's and early 1950's.  This adult class, which originally was composed of Mothers of the church and senior members, was named in her honor.  

Teacher: Sister Ida Leachman

Secretary: Superintendent Velma Maclin

Class Members: 

Rev. James and Shawanda Williams and son Caleb

The Crusaders